Miss Monster

Miss Monster is a series I’ve been working on about a group of girls who come together in their strange world to fight even stranger creatures that have suddenly appeared and are harassing monsters all over the city. Before they know it they’re caught up in a battle to change the human monster balance as the world knows it!

These are by no means final designs, they’re even a bit messy really, but I wanted to upload some clean work of these girls (and Cas) and I’ll most certainly upload some cleaner character sheets soon!

Looking forward to doing some proper, clean character sheets for my girls after I’ve finished that damn PMMM illustration (I crashed photoshop today oop)

kittycatkissu said: i hope whenever i finish mine it doesn’t look like i copied you ;w; luckily the girls are in a different order…sort of….*flails*

You have such a unique style tho! It’ll look totally different, and probably amazing (also I never draw the girls damn uniforms right, there’s always 20 something layers of lace I miss out like REALLY)