I just bought new markers! And….


they cost a LOT…. OTL

Before I can get anywhere near printing and selling work on a regular basis, I need to test how they look on paper and honestly that’s not cheap (It’s cheaper than the markers though, gosh), and that’s putting aside the amount I need to pay for good materials - quality paper to do the finished pieces on, the markers themselves, sketch books for drafting - it really all adds up! Any help anyone can offer (obviously in trade for my goods and services!) is highly appreciated. I’m already super thankful to everyone who followers and reblogs my work and helps me get it out there, and if you can’t buy then please do share!

So, if anyone’s interested in buying some of the test prints here’s how you can! Long post with lots of pictures so click read through if you think you might like cheap prints on nice paper~

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